Our Founder


Master Parvathi Kumar, the Founder Chairman of The Circle of Goodwill dedicated his life to socio-spiritual activities which are varied and are spread far and vide. He is a source of inspiration for self transformation and for self development programs as also for social service programs in more than 33 countries spread over the continents. He initiates people into the path of Yoga and inspires various groups as a team of social workers. On this mission he traveled to many continents on their invitation for 60 times (3 times around the world).

He is an out standing professional in the discipline of Chartered Accountancy and established the firm M/s. Rao & Kumar, Chartered Accountants, in Visakhapatnam. He trained hundreds of Chartered Accountants in the true professionalism of Chartered Accountancy.

He is a composer of more than 150 titles on ancient Indian wisdom for the modern society which imparts the values of human constitution and how best the human can make use of it. They explain the Science of man. Andhra University conferred the  “DOCTOR OF LETTERS” on him for his outstanding spiritual and social services all over the globe. He is a mentor for many social organizations. He is the Hon. Global Chairman of The World Teacher Trust and The Circle of Goodwill.