The Circle has taken up various schemes to promote education for the benefit of poor and needy families of the Society and helped substantially for the last 30 years towards Elementary, High School, College Education and Higher Education.

In this process the Circle has established Mithila Vidyalayams a noble project in the year 1999 by adopting slum children where the entire responsibility of total free education (including books, clothing and food) with our own team to educate the children in right lines. Under this program, classes are being conducted from 1st std. to 10th std. in Telugu medium. In the cycle of 16 years there are 4 Mithila Vidyalayams  started at various places and catered the needs of 15000 slum children.The Circle promotes Education in urban slums and rural areas by providing food packets, clothes,books, majorly in and around Hyderabad.

There are 4 Mithila Vidyalayams functioning as detailed here:
*Strength includes students, teaching and non-teaching staff

Vasista Mithila Vidyalayam (Nur. to 6th std)

Angirasa Mithila Vidyalayam (1st std to 5th std)

Vamsi Memorial School (1st std to 6th std)

Mithila Vidyalaya Scheme Hyd (1st std to 10th std)

Under Educational program, the Circle provides educational assistance to the poor and needy who are educating their children in the other schools, by way of reimbursing the school fees cost of books and uniforms according to their need. So far children benefited by this scheme. Elementary and High School Students (Nursery to 10th Std.)

Name of the School                                           No. of Students
Balabhanu Vidyalayam, Visakhapatnam                  224
Other Schools in and around Visakhapatnam        251

College Education (Intermediate and Graduation) 100 students benefited under this scheme Higher Education The Circle has provided financial assistance to the professional courses such as Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, M.C.A., I.I.T., Polytechnic etc. The poor but meritorious students are selected on the basis of their merit and degree of poverty who could successfully complete their courses and settled in the life. So far they are about 90 professionals benefited by this scheme. In the year 2010-11 the following students were benefited:

B.Tech. 1st Year – 43,  B.Tech. 2nd Year – 20, B.Tech. 3rd Year – 17, B.Tech. 4th Year – 7, B. Pharmacy – 12, C.A – 3, Polytechnic & Computer Edu – 20

Scholarships – While conducting this educational program certain associations associated with us in providing financial assistance in the name of scholarships.

  1. Jonnalagedda Jagannadha Raju Educational Fund
  2. Chirala Raghavaiah Educational and Service Fund
  3. Sri Late A.S.N.Murty Memorial Fund

The Circle promotes Education in urban slums and rural areas by providing food packets, clothes, books, majorly in and around Hyderabad.