‘Goodwill’ a noble word, most cherished by Masters of Wisdom. ‘SatSankalpa’ is the Sanskrit version of it.‘Sat’ is Truth and Truth is God’s plan is what Masters know and conduct. Masters are those who surrendered themselves eternally to serving God and His plan. Acts done in tune with the God’s plan, liberate beings.

Lord Krishna taught, how to work in tune with Goodwill. His life is nothing but the enactment of such goodwill through and through. Little humans could understand the Lord when He acted as ‘Krishna’ upon earth. His life has been pristine presentation of goodwill.

The Circle of Goodwill is a flash idea that occurred in 1985 to unite men of Truth and of Goodwill and to channelize their resources into constructive activity. The Society consists of men of Goodwill with varied abilities. To pool such men on one platform and usefully channelize their energies for the benefit of humanity is the chief aim of Circle of Goodwill. The Circle functions with humility and simplicity. Like minded people are allowed to join the ‘Circle’ and offer themselves to the activity of the goodwill in each and every way they wish to. Goodwill has become thus an open ended activity and suffers no limitation of concept of religion or caste or creed. It is purely meant “to serve life”. The Circle of Goodwill conducted itself during the last 30 years in tune with the following main objective.

The main objective of the ‘CIRCLE’ is to pool resources in cash or in kind from like minded people and channelize such resources into charitable purposes and programmes which include relief of the poor and the need, educational and medical relief and advancement of any object of general public utility. Befitting the inspiration of the Circle, a devotee of Lord Krishna offered her premises to the activities of Circle of Goodwill. Which incidentally is also called ‘Krishna Ashramam’. Acts of Goodwill find their own expansion in so far as the team at work continues to stand impersonal in the light of truth, and in the spirit of service.

The entire team of Circle of Goodwill  work silently and selfless services rendered over 30 years. The team includes not only committed executives but equally committed sponsors, coordinators at work, service volunteers. Qualified and experienced Doctors of different discipline crown the team. It is also laudable to note that the Circle of Goodwill holds infrastructure at minimum cost and utilize every available rupee to service, which is a true Gandhian principle.